No, Virtual Reality is not the medium for 90 minute feature movies

Repeatedly in my conversations about VR movies over the last years I heard from the other person “I cannot imagine sitting there with a headset for 90 minutes to watch a movie!”

Here’s the thing: 90 minute feature movies are not what VR is made for.

VR film-making is about using the strengths of VR and build a story around them.

It is about immersion, about how to pull the viewer into the story, maybe even make him/her part of the story.

This alone is so emotionally draining and requires the undivided attention of the viewer that it is unthinkable to do this for 90 or even 60 minutes without any interruption.

This is why the physical aspect of having to wear a VR headset for 90 uninterrupted minutes is a moot point. A real VR movie, made by a knowledgeable VR filmmaker,  takes care of the special requirements of VR film-making.

And that means: An immersive experience of not more than 15 to 20 minutes that takes the viewer on an emotional roller-coaster (and please not again a real roller-coaster – thank you).