5 Reasons why VR 180° 3D is the better format for VR Video

There is still a lot of misconception about what VR video actually is, for most people there is no doubt that 360° 2D video would count as VR for example – just because you can watch it in a VR headset.

Well, I do strongly disagree on that.

VR is about user immersion, he/she has to feel as part of the story. And a 2D video will never create that feeling in the same way as a 3D video does.

360° 3D video would of course work but has serious technical disadvantages that make life hard for content creators.

This is why I would like to make my points for VR 180° 3D

  • VR 180° 3D gives you more freedom creating the video, you can “hide” your crew, lighting equipment and everything else that is not supposed to be seen behind the camera. Practically impossible with a 360° camera.
  • VR 180° 3D is a much better user experience while watching the video. He/She can lean back and become immersed in the story and by simply moving the head see everything that is happening. No more rotating on your chair while having the feeling that you are missing something.
  • VR 180° 3D is great for immersion, you can pull the user into the story because if somebody is looking at him/her, they know it’s them who is meant, not eventually somebody behind them.
  • VR 180° 3D helps you saving bandwidth by not having to encode 50% of the video that the user will not see at any time anyways. Rather invest your bandwidth in higher picture quality.
  • VR 180° 3D – simply also because Google will be pushing it in 2018. There are several consumer cameras for this format on their way to under the Christmas trees and with this also the user acceptance and demand for this format will grow.